How To Solve Pip install failing on python2

How To Solve Pip install failing on python2 error. Hello Guys, I am Tring to install pip in my python2 environment in my Linux machine.

So here is I am Adding All Possible solutions that I have tried to Solve This Error. Without wasting your time, Let’s start this article.

How This Error occurs ?

I am Using Linux Operating System and I Want to use python in my environment. Currently, In my Linux, I am using Python2.

I Am Trying to install pip in my Python2 In Linux Machine. when I execute sudo python2 this command I am facing the below error in my terminal.

I was used curl –output this Command to download pip. and then sudo python2 execute this Command but it is throght error in my terminal.

How To Solve This Error ?

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 24226, in <module>
  File "", line 199, in main
  File "", line 82, in bootstrap
    from pip._internal.cli.main import main as pip_entry_point
  File "/tmp/tmp2aZyDl/", line 60
    sys.stderr.write(f"ERROR: {exc}")
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

How to Solve Pip install failing on python2 ?

Question : How to solve pip install failing on python2 ?
Answer : The correct file for python2 has been moved to another location. Just use below command to solve this error.

Solution 1 is moved to another location. So You have to execute below command to solve this error.

  1. Try to install the latest version of get-pip
  2. to download get-pip use the below command
  3. wget
  4. python
  5. That’s It. Your Error is Resolved now.

Solution 2

  1. The correct file for python2 has been moved
  2. Its location is defined below.

Solution 3

This command worked for me… Please comment below if this solution is also work for you.

sudo easy_install pip==20.3.4

Solution 4

Try installing previous version of get-pip




So it’s all About this issue. Hope all solution helped you a lot. Comment below Your thoughts and your queries. And Also Comment on your suggestion here. Comment below if any solution is work for you.

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