[Solved] No module named pyLDAvis

Hello Guys, How are you all? Hope You all Are Fine. I want to use pyLDAvis but for some reason, I cant import it. It gives me No module named pyLDAv is Python. So Here I am Explain to you all the possible solutions here.

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How No module named pyLDAvis Error Occurs ?

I want to use pyLDAvis. It is installed but for some reason, I can not import it. Installing pyLDAvis returns the message ‘requirement already satisfied’. But when I use it import it. But it gives me following error.

No module named pyLDAvis

How To Solve No module named pyLDAvis Error ?

  1. How To Solve No module named pyLDAvis Error?

    To Solve No module named pyLDAvis Error just pyLDAvis gensim name changed. When I use gensim_models rather than gensim the interactive viz works.

Solution 1

pyLDAvis gensim name changed.

import pyLDAvis
import pyLDAvis.gensim_models as gensimvis

# feed the LDA model into the pyLDAvis instance
lda_viz = gensimvis.prepare(ldamodel, corpus, dictionary)

Solution 2

This is working.

!pip install pyLDAvis

import pyLDAvis
import pyLDAvis.gensim_models

vis = pyLDAvis.gensim_models.prepare(ldamodel, doc_term_matrix, dictionary)


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