[Solved] Spyder ModuleNotFoundError In anaconda

Hello Guys How are you all ? Hope you alll are fine. Today I have updated my spyder4 to spyder5 by conda update spyder and it give me No module named ‘qdarkstyle.colorsystem’ error after just updating spyder. So Here I am Explain to you all the possible solution Here.

Without Wasting your time, Lets start This Article to Solve This Error in Anaconda.

How Spyder ModuleNotFoundError In anaconda Occurs?

I have Spyder 4 installed in my environment and I was updated my spyder 4 to spyder 5 with following command.

conda update spyder

Then I just try to launch spider and it give me an Error : No module named 'qdarkstyle.colorsystem'.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/users/anaconda3/envs/py37/bin/spyder", line 11, in <module>
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'qdarkstyle.colorsystem

How To Solve Spyder ModuleNotFoundError In anaconda Error ?

Question :How To Solve Spyder ModuleNotFoundError In anaconda Error ?
I think This is a bug in the latest spyder 5. at this moment the temporary solution is to rollback your spyder version to 4. and it works for me.

Solution 1 : Reverted back to previous version

I Think Latest Version have a bug. So just Revert back to previous version is the temporary solution. Just Follow below Command line to revert back version.

conda install spyder=4.2.5

This Solution is Worked For Me. Comment below If its worked for you too.

Solution 2

I Just ran into the exact same problem Some time ago with a fresh install. I downloaded Anaconda, and then ran

conda update anaconda

I found spyder was then broken with this bug. I then tried this to no avail:

conda update spyder

I received the exact error you found. My hunch is that it is a bug on their end. so just downgrade spyder version.

Solution 3

tried conda install -c conda-forge qdarkstyle=3.0.2 and it worked. But yeah there are few other bugs but spyder does seem to start.


It’s all About this issue. Hope all solution helped you a lot. Comment below Your thoughts and your queries. Also, Comment below which solution worked for you?

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